Personalized Gifts

The Australian Souvenir Gift Shop can offer a variety of ways by which you can personalize the souvenir gifts you  are purchasing.  We have a large number of imaginative ways of featuring your recipient’s name. Most are available whether you are sending only one gift or have a long list of business associates your corporation wishes to send gifts to. The name can be handwritten and you can add dates or special messages. All that is required is that there be some space on the souvenir to receive the name and message.  The side of a boomerang works really well for that.  We can also arrange a special clear coat to protect the printing from scratches. The personalized gift can be combined with other souvenirs to form a complete gift package.  You can also add in an Australian theme gift card to send greetings for a particular day, season or event.  Appropriate packaging can also be arranged to highlight any special occasion.  We enjoy creating gift packages that delight their recipients when they arrive.  We have a fund of ideas for ways to make your gifts special.  What is possible is limited only by your imagination and your budget. If you have a special occasion coming up, just think how personalized gifts can make it really memorable.  Just imagine arriving at a business conference where you receive a personalized souvenir gift package.  It can have a powerful effect on delegates’ feelings as they start the conference, yet the cost is only a tiny fraction of the total conference costs.

Send an email now¬†to let us know your requirements and we’ll get the ball rolling with ideas and cost estimates for how your personalized souvenir gift packages can make that important visual impact.