About Us

We have been selling online since 1998 from auction sites to eBay and finally we have our website where we can service our customers better…
Australia  Souvenir Gift Shop Team

The Australia Souvenir Gift Shop (owned and managed by Australia Souvenir PTY. LTD) is a unique and unforgettable online souvenir shop that features the traditional artworks of Australian Aborigines. We offer premium souvenirs which are unique, hand-made and painted with care, skill, and precision in the traditional native art designs of the aboriginal indigenous peoples of Australia. We have a variety of collectible items that will surely stand out among your most treasured souvenirs of your travels. Our products are distinctive and exceptional gift items that are not only works of art but also timeless reminders of a unique culture and traditional way of life.

 Australia is an exciting place and just capture some of that excitement in this video we have made for you.